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AI invents new language

It probably does not fit really so here, but a look from the past to the future …
(sadly only in German)
Artificial Intelligence - Facebook stops AI after it inventes new language…

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Maybe it would be nice if the game language is in neolithic and only a undertitle tell’s the story in native language.

Interesting. BTW I found a source for the article in English, in case someone wants to read it.

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The most interesting part of this is that the new language suited better the AI task than the normal language.
Natural selection at it best.


Probably that was the reason, why creatures have developed a potential understanding at all. It is to be assumed that the first people were at least two of them (target - duplicate). In larger groups, it might have been interesting. The question arises whether each group used its own language …?

Language is fascinating, and it’s going to be fun seeing what artificial intelligence makes of it.

Have you heard of that story where deaf children with only basic knowledge and use of sign language developed their own language after being put in a classroom together?

One of the problems I have when working on my AI research projects is causing the AI to “organically” create something new. Harder than that is proving it really is new, and not just a complex response to a series of inputs. This article is certainly fascinating.