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30K on indiegogo

Keep it up guys! :slight_smile: just 50K more!

I would properly be happy if they just hit the 70k so they will have nice office


I would be happy if theyd hit all goals :slight_smile:

I don’t think they disclosed all the goals, at least not yet. Still one reached, many to go!

On to the next 20k for the next stretch goal!

Shows they supporting two different campaigns, one on Kickstarter which has bagged them 125,365 Euro’s and the other on Indiegogo which has bagged them 93,581 Euro’s so together they have managed to collect 218,946 Euro’s and both sites have different stretch goals which is a little questionable in my opinion.

Be nice if someone from the company could please enlighten us on this and why two different campaigns and have they been combined, if so have they have met all their stretch goals so can we expect everything they showed on both websites?

If not why not?

Look forward to a reply from the team on this…

If I remember correctly, Kickstarter fees and taxes took it down to 90,000 Euros

Indiegogo also had fees and I think they were 10%

We did Kickstarter campaign first, with a flaw design, lasting only 14 days. It was a success in the last days only, and after the end lots of people keep asking us for a way to still back the game, so we opened Indiegogo ( KS campaign can not be extended ).

Along KS campaign we changed pledges several times adapting to the situation, always for the better ( KS does not allow to remove pledges, only add them, so oldest one remained there as deprecated ). When we opened Indiegogo we keep only the best pledges from KS to have a cleaner system. Stretch goals were the same and what was unlocked in KS remained unlocked on Indiegogo.

Even more: Still with no ETA but soon we will be opening pledges on our website via Paypal as promised to everyone who asked for this system since KS day one.
When this happens pledges will be the same and goals will continue from what has been unlocked on Indiegogo.

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And our country taxes lower that even more.

And that, where the butter is now also more expensive…:cry:

Will you then also show such an informative graphic as @Marko
It was interesting to observe and connect with possible other events.