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Workplaces and Huts

So I had an idea when thinking about how this game might differ from other city sims, given the time frame. It occurred to me that most city sims have workplaces separate to living areas, however in Neolithic times, I guess a lot of people who weren’t farmers and might have had some sort of craft (Such as weavers, hunters etc) would have stored everything they needed in their own huts. So would it be possible for some huts to be upgraded to have “Workplace” capabilities, perhaps this could also come with a visual enhancement as well, such as hunters huts being adorned with skins and bones, and weavers huts being slightly more decorated. I don’t how feasible this would be but I think it would be a cool feature!

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Post: New usage for old/obsolete building

These two ideas could work very well together, allowing buildings to be repurposed but still visually identifiable! I like how this concept mirrors how roles in society do changed. A settlement wouldn’t demolish all it’s buildings when it transitions from hunter/gatherer to agriculture. I hope the developers figure out how to implement this level of realism!