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Working on a mod for the color deficient

Unfortunately grass in the game does NOT look green to me, it looks brown. My eyes are red-green color deficient and I will be making a mod to mitigate this issue. I would love to hear any comments or suggestions if anyone has any.

“Deutan, or deuteranomaly, is a type of red-green color blindness in which the green cone doesn’t detect enough green and is oversensitive to yellow, orange, and red. As a result, greens, yellows, oranges, reds, and browns may appear similar, especially in low light."


This is a screenshot of the regular game:

This is a screenshot of the game with the color of grass modified:


i love it !!! great work


I’m not color blind, although I use color blind settings in most of games as I find it more vibrant at times. It’s a great project you have there pal, keep up the good work !


I suppose you know about this

Yes, I have though about it and looked up reviews. The price has somewhat kept me from pulling the trigger. Returns look to be hassle free though, so I’m not too worried about getting a pair and it being ineffective on me.