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Hi team, I’m a technical writer and have an interest in documentation. There’s little doubt in my mind that a game as detailed as this one will eventually have an official wiki. I just have to request, though: can we please have Mediawiki installed on the main website server as the wiki? Barring that, use Gamepedia; I would really be disappointed if someone made the official wiki hosted on Wikia, which has more advertising than actual content on it.

Downloading and installing Mediawiki takes less than a day (customizing it, admittedly, is far more involved, but that can come later), I have it myself on my own server. It looks professional, has no advertising, and is pretty much the industry standard. Compare the styles of these two wikis: here and here

Additionally here are a few other examples from other games’ wikis. Compare and contrast the styles and the layout, specifically:

Mediawiki: Pokemon
Paradox’s Cities Skylines
Paradox’s Hearts of Iron 4
Star Fox
Team Fortress 2

Wikia: Command & Conquer
Rivals of Aether
Super Smash Bros

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