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What would you mod

and or why

being a somewhat history goober - beer

happy masses of course

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Aside of French translation, social & political structures.

But this would need first to see how easy it is to implement, how extensive is the work made by the devs, etc. Why loose time on modding if everything’s working finely and is perfectly balanced?

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I love mod’ing.
It can be a fun way to make the game do all kinds of random stuff without worrying about bothering other people. As an example, when playing Skyrim, I have over 200 mods running lol

I would modern realism to take into account all details of Neolithic life. Things would be more realistic, but it would violate its MSRB rating pretty quickly.


I don’t know, I’ve had a few mod ideas for Mount and Blade and Civilization, but as I know nothimg about programming the process is kind of intimidating.
For AC I guess I’d try making buildings since I’m interested in 3D modelling :open_mouth:

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I’ve had a mod idea which in my opinion sounds as amazing as idiotic, here it goes:
When you loose the game (your tribe is destroyed by a raiding party, starves or abandons your settlement), the times fasts forwards to today, and you play as the archaeologists digging up the village you built the last minutes/hours (I think it would be engaging because of the bond you’ve developped by building the city yourself).
You program the dig, the machinery, specific dating in laboratory… You have to lead the archeologists into digging up the most important stuff and deducing what caused your game over.
It kind of is a game within the game, but I don’t know, I had this idea and fell in love with it x)


I would say that is a completely different game, not a mod :wink:


Mmmmaybe, but it’s integrated into Ancient Cities :smirk:


I hope this picture will give you grand ideas of what can be done to Ancient cities if modding was intergrated and made easy when release!

Just look at indie game cities skyline and look at the workshop and the loads of things they have done! From making the game look realistic and not cartoon like, add in more advance features for roads, traffic, add their own type of buildings, wow you be so shocked! Even expand the map size cause fans wanted to build massive realistic cities!

Just deepens the base game play that is what modding will bring to Ancient cities!

Just have a look at what a hardcore fan did and this is what can happen too with ancient Cities! It was an indie game not made by AAA game dev.

This could not be done in the base game and visually the base game does not support it!

But wait there is more!

Cities skyline also have an advance importing editor that can extract real cities and terrain into the game so realistic cities can be created! With ancient cities it means players can recreate a close realistic terrain of that time.

I hope this will inspire the dev and fans to see just how massive modding can be! :slight_smile:

Hi! I dont know if anyone ever mentioned, but it would be very cool to have sandbox or god mode:heart_eyes:


This is a nice thread, as it also let us know what you would like to see in the game that you don’t expect to be in it.


one thing mods can provide is more specific personaization of the map i.e. you can have the plants, animals, resources and climate from another zone appart from the original set.

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THEME: Diseases and MEDICINE.
The game passes in the Neolithic.
Some diseases had:

  • Fluor in bones and teeth - Ingestion of mineral water with a lot of fluorine wears teeth and bones. The consequences are tooth loss and osteoporosis - bone fragility greater chance of breaking… Children up to one year of age may develop fluorosis with the daily intake of fluoride being above 0.07mg kg-1 of body weight. Concentrations between 0.9 and 1.2 mg L-1 may cause mild dental fluorosis, depending on the of the amount of water ingested by young people and adults. The WHO recommends 1.5 mg L-1 as the maximum value in places where the total intake of fluoride is approximately (or greater than) 6 mg per day. Higher concentrations of fluoride (3 to 6 mg L-1) may fluorosis of the skeleton, especially when there is high consumption of this water.
    Someone on the theme about diseases spoke in florose on a lake in DJIBOUTI. I found references to water ingestion limit with fluoride. In the case it is a lake with natural fluor in the DJIBOUTI. And it has medical references on the fluoride limit. Source:

Carie dentaria; The practice of gnawing on aromatic sticks or twigs was probably widespread even before the invention of toothpaste; native herbs like mint and ginger freshened breath, while foods that required lots of chewing promoted salivation. Whole grains also acted as mild abrasives to help remove plaque buildup. dentifrice, a paste or cream to scrape plaque off teeth and help remove food particles, has taken many forms over the years, too. Toothpaste as we know it today is a relatively recent invention from around the late-1800s, but there’s evidence that the goo that refreshes was used as early as 5000 B.C. in China, Egypt and India. Early recipes included ingredients like ground ox hoof, rock salt, myrrh, honey, ground bone, dried iris flowers, pulverized and charred eggshells, pepper, ashes and pumice. Just like today, the mixture was not swallowed. he ancient Babylonians (3500-3000 B.C.) made wooden toothbrushes by roughening and fraying the ends of sticks and stems, and the Egyptians of the same period used a similar cleaning method. In ancient Greece, Aristotle and Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, both wrote about mouth hygiene topics like gum disease and the best method for pulling a diseased tooth, showing dental care was a hot topic even then. The Greeks were fond of masticating mastiche, tree sap that was one of the forerunners of another dental favorite, chewing gum, which can help fight tooth decay.


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I can’t personally mod, but one of the main things I would like from mods are more building variety and decorations. Development can be spent making robust systems allowing modders to flesh out the creative options within the framework. That being said, it does seem like there is a lot of variation in the buildings that are already in the game. I’m very impressed with the fences having sections that are nearly collapsed and such, for example. Variation really adds a ton to the realism and general look of a city builder.

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When it comes to mods, I am usually only interested in mods that improve graphics (which I doubt this game will need) and ones that improve the UI.

That and ones that stream line how information is presented in the said UI. Presenting more information related in one box then having to open various boxes for one specific area (i am thinking along the line of building information mods on Cities:Skylines).

That and mods that allow are more variety of pixels for the same thing giving more diversity (along the lines of the RL shops in Cities)

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Ancient ruins of our current civilisation decaying after 10s to 100s of thousands of years, and as you play the story, find out more, you slowly piece together the reason the civilisation failed. It might be global warming, meteorite strike, nuclear war, robots took over! disease, accidental mass sterilisation, super volcanic erruption etc. The stories and culprit vary, but in some twisted way it is incorporated into the early religion of the people. (OK it might be cool for one or two play-through before before I’d go back to the original - and in reality I can’t mod so I wouldn’t be able to do it…)

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I’ve been thinking of a mod which would allow more camera settings and make for a pleasant way of taking videos or pictures of the game.

I’m the kind of player that likes spending time just spectating my own game, especially city builders.

I guess they already implemented a shortcut to hide the UI and icons, but I’d be so great to have options to change camera angle, focus, have tilt-shift, color filters and even a way to create travelling shots.

With these features, I’d create quality videos of my games to share.