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What I wonder or also hunebeds in the game

hey there

in the netherlands you have these built stones,
I wonder if you can make them as well??



(For clarity, the English name for that is dolmen)

I am a dutchman not a Englishman for someone who has not had English he does not know
but thanks to language improvement.
you also know that these are not pleasant people :wink:
but maybe you are a pleasant person.
i dont know

thank you again mate

Yes, dolmens will be present, but in their original form: covered with earth forming a mound.
You will be able to see the internal stone structure during construction.

Their primary use was funerary.
One interesting hypothesis about the origin is that they were built like long houses for the dead.
There are few remains of this kind of structures originally built with wood and older than stone versions that can support this.
Another interesting hypothesis about Neolithic is that wood was usually used to construct all that was related with the living and stone was used to build all that was related to the dead and “the other side”. Of course there are there few exceptions to this, normally in places were wood was not common.

The word in Spanish is also dolmen :wink:


Oh nice! Of course they’ll be in there original form, they’ll be brand spanking new. It took “a while” to get them in our form…

Also I think our word Hunebed is pretty nice. (When they named them, they thought they were made by barbaric giants (huynen). But your Dolmen is also not too bad… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway megas lithos for the win!


Some added information: Most of them served as a grave, but would in some cases also fuction as holy sides (since death and religion are in most cases connected). Most of them have been build between 3350 en 3050 v.Chr. and are most common in the Netherlands. But they also appear in other parts of Europe.

This image gives an idea on how the stone ones might have been build.


You sure that is how it worked? I’ve sources that tell me otherwise.


Should totally be added to this game. Perhaps somebody could mod this? Would be awesome! :joy:

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