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Website upgrade and Paypal support

Hi all

We have just updated Ancient Cities website.

The upgrade include paypal support to continue funding the game. Reaching the “hire a full time programmer” goal would be a game changer for us at this point, but it is still 2 goals away.

Another important improvement is that backers can now check their status and manage and collect their rewards on the website, including the steam key, when available.

Also forum and website now share the main website menu in the top for easier navigation.
Note that website logging and forum logging is now the same thing, and be logged in one of them means to be logged in the other.

Again, thanks for your support.
Development continues.


Time for me to look into more funding lol

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already done for the first time :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wonderful, congratulations!

Excellent :hugs::hugs::hugs:

In the phone, it doesn’t show the new menu so you can’t go to the web easy. Maybe you should also add a link in the forum menu to the website.

We know, we are trying to fix that.

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Finally able to support this game! Thank you for making additional funding an option. I am excited to play and stream the game once its out for my viewers!

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Will the news still be on the forum or just in the “News” section of the website?

News on the website is for now only a stream of AC twitter.
Important events or updates will be announced in both places, but the forum is the place for discussion.


Next goal reached, congratulations!
I hope backers can get you all the way to hiring an additional programmer, another 50.000 to go.


Thanks for the opportunity to fund this game. I just found out about this game today and the KS was already closed so it was my opportunity to participate to this game !!


I’m glad you re-opened the options for funding. I was frustrated when I found out about the game, only to realise I’d missed the boat! Can’t wait to play this.

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