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Water consumption and transportation

So i took a look at the game trailer again and noticed that a few of the settlements were on hill in a middle of the forest. Obviously, this is a great defensive position but it begs the question where are they getting their water from? So i wanted to ask if there is a plan to include water consumption within the game because if so this would add a level of complexity to the game because it would give an additional incentive to the player to find the perfect spot to settle or a good push factor if that water starts to run out. Furthermore, it could force the player to make strategic decisions on where to move to next, do you go to the resource rich but poor water land next and hope you hit a good source of water with your first well or do you set up next to lake next to nearby rival tribes.

Also the system could be the reasoning behind most of your basic industry such as pottery production to allow for water storage and transportation. What do the rest of you think?


Probably there will be a water consumption system. As the devs said, every citizen has needs like sleeping and eating, so it’s easy to think that a “thirst” need will be included :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget that they made there mark to have dynamic water which allows stuff like flooding, so I’m pretty sure you be able to build canals and man made lakes/dams to help supply your tribe with water if that indeed becomes a feature.

I hope well be able to build fields with canals like acient egyptians do, and id love to later maybe bronze age, build aquaducts.

Depends if we get the Middle East Expansions methinks.

If indiegogo goals are not met, devs in kickstarted said they would finish dlcs with money they earn from base game sells. Hopefully.

True… it’s still an “if” though.



I found an article the briefly states that irrigation was experimented with during that era.


It wold be very cool to see the whole concept of managing water resources in the game. However, from what I read about neolithic Europe, I don’t think that access to water is a big issue. Not only because most of Europe is far from arid during this period, but because population densities are so small. if you are in Europe, think about how many streams, ponds, etc, existed in your city before the 20th century.
A sweetspot for the game would be to have to manage water resources once the “city” becomes extraordinarily large.
I think that a bigger problem for small-scale agriculture is actually the excess of humidity inside homes and storage facilities. So from what I heard, early europeans avoided potential flooding areas, especially to build permanent habitats and structures like granaries/silos. Of course, the rationale behind seasonal camps is another story.

There should defenatly be a need for water in the game. Not just for crops or making food but for actual consumption to survive. Hell one of the first researches could be basic waterskins or claypots that hold water.
Lets not forget that the mayority of all stoneage settlements are found close to drinkable water.

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Defence is no good if you have no water. The enemy can burn you out or wait until people die because of dehydration. The hot the country the faster the society dies because of lack of water.

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