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Virtual Reality - Immersive and Realistic Experience

So, we can all see on the updates that the game is progressing magnificently and graphics are quite amazing. For me, it would be a waste if we cannot experience the setting that they have painstakingly created. Which is why I was wondering if VR can be incorporated to this game. Anyone’s thoughts on this?


If the devs want to go 3D, I have my Oculus ready to go for beta testing LOL

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While that could be an interesting feature for the future, currently there are no plans to support it.


Its a LOT of work to get right. You would be far better off assigning resources elsewhere.

I would rather see you make another topical expansion and a 3d interface.

If I see this game wasted on Occulus rift it will mean we could have had an ancient greek expansion instead or a China expansion, or a Meso-American and so on and so forth.

If the game had RPG elements then 3d is a valid way forward. But its a god game, so give it a god’s eye view.


This is the first time I have been party to such early development.
I have read many of the discussions … and wow !
It looks like you AC developers will have to be very strong-minded to stick to your development plans … and avoid being sidetracked.
Very excited about the game release … stick to your plans and give us an epic game !

You don’t know how much!
But we always keep in mind that we are building a platform, so while we can keep at work there is plenty of time to add features in the future. The important thing now is to reach a well defined and working core.


thank you very much


For me, I have longed looked forward to an AR builder! One where I can don some AR glasses, stand round a table and see my city and world spring to life on my table. move it with my hand motion, zoom in etc… Be just like God looking down lol