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Use of game footage

I noticed in my facebook, i saw footage of this game being used by “Throne, kingdom at war”


i have the video saved-

please advise

Sorry to meddle in @addledplatypus. That’s only for the sake of convenience, so that they may instantly know there’s something to look at here:

@Uncasual @UncasualGames

can i upload from facebook ?

that’s this pseudo-medieval mmporg in comic-optic …?

not familiar with the term “comic-optic”

yes to the first part

We know it.
We have sent them a few warnings, but they just ignore them.

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It never ends… People steal your stuff on the internet and the fight never ends. Play pirated my first book, and it’s a free download anyway. Who pirate something free? I guess this is just the nature of the internet.


I guess the best way is to make a comment pointing to the original creators, so at least they bring traffic to us.


Well that’s a positive take on it. That’s like when I hope the people who still my works at least leave a review and a five-star rating LOL

Truly, that might actually be advantageous. If I saw your videogame pictures in the wild, I would hunt down a link willing to find out about this product.

roger that - will do

I think everybody Reading this tread should from now on out just point out to copycats pages that “hey, isnt that Ancient Cities?”. It seems our good creators are often aware of such mishaps, but we - The fans and supporters - could always lend a helping hand to build a bigger fanbase.
Im not gonna ask you for permision either, Im just going to advertise Ancient Cities with my hype for it.


use " " and when they mouse over, they can click over to the facebook page

This is becoming an increasingly used tactic by unscrupulous mobile app game developers and studios. I’ve seen the same thing with “Ark of War” adverting on YouTube using footage from Fractured Space, Dreadnoughts and Eve. They have no shame, it’s crass and I think and legal action should be used against them.

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Depends on the country. If it’s Chinese and the treaty is not in place for such legal action, a lawsuit won’t work.

It’s what I suspected, but apparently, they’re polish…

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If those countries have treaties in place, it may work.
Going after their ISP also works \o/

Even in that case to take legal actions implies lots of money and lots of time.
For us at this moment is simply not possible.

Even for warning facebook about a post with copyright infringement content you need to fill forms and forms of legal information. What a burden!

If you want to know, this is the company doing it:


That’s why I gave up fighting such things for my own works. Every time I went after one, three more would appear. It seems like a never-ending battle. I would tell you my opinion of people who steal others work, but such wording would be improper on the board LOL