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Tribe Customization?!

I just had an epiphany. And I know it’s super late and super random, but what about a start menu that has tribe customization?

I just had this idea, remembering some of my old childhood games. Like in the start/setup menu you kind of choose the story of your people. Like what are their strengths? And what their weaknesses are. Maybe your tribe / people have a specialty, like they’re good at hunting or they’re good at fishing or they’re good craftsman.

And it would be cool if there were options in the start menu or later on in the game as we go that we could choose the culture, like is it a patriarchal tribe or a matriarchal tribe, were men or women, or only elders, in control or is the tribe more free and anybody can be in charge. Or do they have lifetime pair relationships, polygamous or they can choose freely? Are they liberal, or do they follow a strict code? Stuff like that. I think it would be really good thing to have in a start menu or early on in the game and we can change it as the tribe evolves.

If you guys have a base start menu or setup menu already in place, then ignore this. But I just thought it would be a fun concept.


Would be awesome… even if it’s a simple “tibal color” selection…

The idea sounds good. I could only imagine that the composition of each individual forms the strengths (or weaknesses) of a tribe. Determining this in advance takes the game part of its appeal. And with increasing size, each strain will inevitably somehow become “universal”.
Conversely, the very small clans must be already from the beginning. Otherwise
they do not move forward in development. A specialization (individual) then arises automatically later in the game, also depending on the natural resources that are available.

Guess you should be able to test that in the game itself. A case for the beta.

That’s nice to have a new topic to debate in :blush:

But when saying “debate”…
Speaking about the start menu, I’m not sure this would be such an interesting feature. I mean, if we begin with 10 members in our tribe, on a random map, we don’t know what resources would be the best. What if you choose good hunters but end up along a shore, or the contrary? So, my best guess is that we should keep to randomness and avoid piling up modifiers.

On the society thing, however, I think choices should happen pretty fast. As you noted @Mishab there will necessarily be choices to be made very early, to define who should be the next family head for example. So as soon as your first head dies, the best way would be you have a choice between the oldest member, or the oldest male/female, or the firstborn son, etc.
Then, when peculiar occasions arise (for instance, no possible candidate because of a lack of son, etc.) you’d have to change your system.

Concerning a broader power structure or hierarchy (let’s call them “kings” or “chieftains”), we finally have the same issues as for hunting or fishing modifers: what’s the point of selecting before even launching the game how your tribe will be ruled, if for hours you only try to survive with your 10 members? A “king”/“chieftain” only comes in existence if you’ve got a number of families, and a number of family heads, not when you have 10 or 15 citizens.
But on the principle, I agree with you that having such choices triggered would be totally nice.

Another thing though: all what I said above is for the first release of the game. If we ever have (I hope so!) DLCs released later, where you could play e.g. in Egypt or in Greece without needing to go through the Neolithic era, it could be interesting to choose a culture or even create a random one (e.g. take the power-monger Assyrians, or spiritual Egyptians, or technical Greeks, or lore-lovers Babylonians, or barbaric Cymmerians, etc.).

One last thing: @kelstr
I’m not sure what you mean when writing “tribal color”: is it skin color, or a symbol?
I hate those games when you end up with a symbol you don’t like, but for Neolithic that’d be probably anachronistic to have such emblems, save maybe for spirits or gods.
However, I admit that maybe such things as tattoos or body paints showing on each character their family, then maybe later their tribe (when there are several families, later in game) would be a damn cool thing!


Personally, I would rather start with nothing and let my actions in game define my tribe’s story rather than have a preset story and have each member’s skill sets grow from scratch.


Of course your coloring would also have a lot to do with where you are. What kind of ocher is nearby and what strange dyes you can find or trade for.


I think we had the topic (Tatoo) ever approach.
It was associated with the marking of occupations, to be able to assign visually the abilities of individual members of the tribe. As long as our clan has no contact with other tribes, that is certainly sufficient. Should it come to encounters, especially hostile nature, labeling would be helpful. It does not have to be as clumsy as in AoE, but already clearly enough.

Man lets go even further! I wanne be able to custom design clothing, armor, banners, everything! I’m very much a micromanager when it comes to aesthetics.

Let’s put our feet on the ground here.
This is not a multi million project with 40 hired artists.


But of course, lets not get ahead of ourselves

Do the models have tribal tattoos?

If yes some variation in pattern mulltiplied by the number of colours in the tattoo colour swatch could give a fair amount of customisation without much effort.

From experience you only need a handful of customise options for most players to consider that they have owned their faction. You can go overboard with options and require forty artists, or keep a handful of variables and still get a personalised tribe the player can feel attached to.

Yet we have the tech to do that AI still don’t use it. It will to some point, as we want tattoos / body paints to mark certain roles or status inside the tribe for Neolithic period.


Hopefully scarification, too. (form your perspective, just another texture).

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I think that would be awesome. But only to certain degree.Don’t want to change the race in their realistic starting position, or cultures or languages and religions.

An update is coming in a few days talking about all this :wink:


Very interested in that!!!

Let me know if you want a recreation of a possible Neolithic language. I made one for my book series based on proto info European, using a comparative method

I think that for Far Cry Primal they did something similar :slight_smile:

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Ehg kah’ehuedh keh eshe eya

(Yes, I am sure that ia true).

lotus253 You have any ideas on that? :slight_smile:

I’ve already told them that I would make them a recreated Neolithic language like the kind I made for my books, but I haven’t heard anything back. It would take me a couple weeks to make a full language, syntax and vocabulary.

I use a comparative regression method using at least one fully known and perhaps one partially known language with potentially similar roots, which I correlate with haplogroup DNA movements for the selection of my data points. It’s a rather complex process, but it lends credibility to the sound of the words. obviously, a professional linguist would be better, but game companies don’t pay for such things. I’m kind of like somewhere in between a PhD linguist on the one hand or just making up random letters and words on the other lol