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Love all your work and can’t wait for this game.

But Im wondering about a simple thing in game-mechanics… Will there be a way to watch your game session (on-going or “game-over”) as a journal or a timelapse?

You start of with your tribe, and go from hunting ground to hunting grounds, until you finally settle down. And you build yourself a booming village. You have had buildings raised, and some have crubmled through-out the years, and Key characters and events that have happened.
For you to (at the end of your game) still appriciate this valuble game time you have had; wouldn’t it be lovely to have a story/timelapse/journal (with or without screenshots) to look back at your tribe’s history?

I still remember alot of my different game-sessions on Civ, CK2( and others) where some cool stuff have happened, and I think it was so cool that I would have loved to have seen it as a story of some sort.

Am I alone about this thought?


Cool idea. :slight_smile: