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System requirements for AC

please inform us

From the FAQ:

At this stage of development is too early to say, still lots of optimizations are needed, and lots of features are going to be added.
The game already provides a full range of typical quality configurations though.

We will know actual minimum requirements near the final release
Integrated GPU are not going to be officially supported.

Edit: The official requirements as for the first closed beta (work in progress) release (July 2020):


Recommended requirements for “Normal settings”: i7 8GB 1060 GTX

Minimum requirements for “Low settings”: i5 8GB with a 2GB GPU

Currently integrated Intel GPUs are not officially supported.

This is a work in progress version so bugs and optimization problems with some hardware & drivers are expected.

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The recommended settings call or an 8GB video card.

I have twin 2GB GeForce GTX 770’s in SLI mode. One handles rendering and the other handles physics, ray tracing, etc.

Also, my CPU is an i7 and I have 16GB of RAM.

I exceed minimum, but my gaming box is now a few years old… I hope I meet mid tier. It’s SSD + water cooled lol My i7 is older, but it was the best of it’s class when I got it and the memory + mother board were the highest clock rate I could buy.

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I can’t wait to download this. So what generation of icore processors are we talking. I’m running the 7600k

We are developing the game using five years old i7 processors. We have tested shipping version with a three years old i5 CPU and the game runs just fine. Anyway at this moment the game is CPU bounded by API rendering stuff, so a better CPU will help here. Obviously if you want to go for High end graphics settings you will need a good GPU too.


The recommended settings call or an 8GB video card.

Our mistake, corrected now on website.
8GB RAM memory not GPU memory


Oh good lol

Worried I would need a Titan or something lol

Silly Question:

Do you think my Microsoft Surface could handle this?
i5 i5-7300U 2.6 to 3.5 GHz
Intel HD Graphics 620

I would likely use my gaming PC, but it would be GREAT if my laptop could do it lol

The main problem I see is the integrated graphics. It won’t be supported, but … dunno, it may work? I don’t know how capable the Intel integrated series is, but I’m doubtful, even though I’m no expert. I have a laptop with a 5-year old dedicated GPU which benchmarks at 2.5 times more than Intel HD Graphics 620 and I’m not sure I will be able to run it properly.

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Even If it will Run, the grafic Performance will be so Low, that you won’t have fun with. I would say Just start with your gaming PC. I have bought a Second hand gaming Laptop from Asus (Predator 300 Helios) with a 6gb ram GPU gforce 1060. And a I7 processor for 600€ (new price was between 1500€). So if you thought already about buying a new laptop, buy a good second hand one and save your money. :smile:


My older Surface won’t even install programs without the Windows Store… :persevere:

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Really? Odd.

Mine will run just about anything as long as it’s not a heavy game.
Might need windows reinstalled

I figured.

But, steam allows you to run a game on one computer and broadcast to another. I bet I could do that!!! Then I could sit on comfy on my bed and play it. I have a gig ethernet connection from gaming PC to one of my wifi endpoints, which connects to the laptop, so plenty of throughput.

That might be a good way


Intel HD Graphics 620

From the requirements:

Currently integrated Intel GPUs are not officially supported.

So 100% won’t run unfortunately, at least for now

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I suppose I will have no problems but prefer be sure…, my configuration is Ryzen 5 2600 CPU, Radeon RX 570 8 Gb graphics card, 16 Gb RAM

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You’re just posting these specs to brag now :smiley: lol, j/k

well now I’m sure :smile:

Our game is using Opengl and AMD drivers for windows are s…t, so well do not expect high frame rates, anyway game should be playable

Intel graphics cards are not officialy supported. This means we do not test the game on this “graphic cards” so…expect the worse

OK. Thanks

I have a question about hard drive space. How big is the game (beta) and what is the target size for final release? My specs are:

AMD Ryzen 5 1600, 32GB RAM, Sapphire Nitro+ RX480 8GB, NVME primary storage.