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Stretch Goals

What happens to all of the stretch goals that don’t get reached during the Indiegogo campaign? From what the devs have mentioned, it sounds like there are quite a few goals that are still hidden, as well as the goals we are currently working towards. What will happen to them if we don’t manage to raise enough money to unlock all of them (which we probably won’t, unfortunately)? Will they still be added to the game at a later date?

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Likely that’ll depend on the commercial success the game has post launch in that case.

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I hope so… If not by the devs, then I hope the modding tools they said we would eventually get will be sufficient for the community to help out.

Indeed, the developers have a good roadplan; raising money commits (and enables) them to realize the reached goals. Others will have to wait for the commercial success of the game in order to be worked on.

However, there is another stage after Indiegogo; as I gathered from the comments, they are looking into continuous crowdfunding on their website after the current campaign, including the PayPal option, still tracking future goals transparently, as an incentive.

I hope they get enough funds to bring more people on board. I have a feeling that to give this game all the features we and they want it to have, they need more staff.

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Four people now, a couple more would eventually help, yes :slight_smile: Small teams can make big games.

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true, but big companies can make better games… except Activision and Infinity Ward apparently…XD

Don’t forget bioware

Please don’t remind me of Dragon Age 2… I get flashbacks

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Mass Effect trilogy was one of best games with storytelling i ever experienced.

but Andromeda sucks…

It had it moments, and it didn’t help they moved all there good staff to work on anthem instead

You really thought I was talking about the original trilogy !?

You said biowere, sooo… And yes Andromeda sucks so bad…it doesnt deserve to be called Mass Effect.


It looks like a very big game. And the schedule is already ambitious. Think, the AI is very complex.