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Solar cycles

¿is the cycle of the sun goint to change depending on the season? and also, all the solstice things?


And if it is going to be linked to temperatures
Last one… depending on your village position in Europe (north/south) will affect solar cycles?


We have a tiny simplified solar system modelled and animated to calculate celestial body positions and movements. One of the input parameter for this is the latitude of the local map. The model also includes orbit inclinations and earth rotations. So yes, in the northern hemisphere winter days are shorter and shadows longer, and that changes with latitude. This works to the point that setting a 90 degree latitude days will last months as they should.

But for now this is decoupled from weather calculations ( we tried to derive weather from latitude and other parameters at first but it was too difficult to get variety or realistic results ).
Current weather works based on charts that include temperature and precipitations per month and are yearly randomized on top of that. This is something we will revisit at some point. But for now it just works.


You’ve built an amazing world already so far :-o

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