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Shaman Design, Tribal leader, War chief

any plans to introduce these ? their looks ? attributes? effects?


I like this idea! Having a little tribal counsel of some sort would be so cool. Hey, maybe even a witch doctor too!


tribal counsel sounds pretty cool…they may have boosting effects on harvest, religion, hunting…etc

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Yeah maybe like after a month (in game time) or something of the sorts, they would hold a council and give the player a feedback, an objective, pleased or not etc…

So maybe if a council member is very unhappy with how things are going there could be a rebellion and try to take over the tribe (political agenda) his followers would leave the tribe to start a new one…

I’m have no idea how things are done, but maybe giving some citizens a more significant role (wanting to become the tribe’s chief or something), giving them individuality (more than just skills to hunt or gather food), where a player will have to keep a closer eye on his tribe and his people’s goals