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ScreenshotSaturday 8.02.20


Lookin’ good guys, Let’s have a tiny little sneak peek trailer next, 30 seconds long just showing off the beautiful lighting and water etc. :grinning: That won’t be giving away too much of the game and will keep many people satisfied for a while.


I love it very much :heart::heart::heart:

I see you’ve made skin huts. Will there still be thatched huts as well? (it’s beautiful either way)

Work is now focused on implementing features for the early game (Mesolithic), hence the skin huts. Thatch will come along with more Neolithic features :wink:


Beautiful screenshots. I love the skin huts. I can’t wait to see what types of huts & houses you can build. And as usual I’m loving the autumn scenery.

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nice work. I am patient … take the time to make it great

Looking good !! Can’t wait to try this game out when the time comes! Until then :slight_smile:

Vous nous faites rêver !


sorry for my question, but it is a bit confused in this forum here. will there be an alpha for all supporter coming in the next weeks, when a beta will released this summer ? i am here since the first days and would like to test it

No alpha. Beta (supposedly) will be released this summer just for backers with Lord pledge and above.


truly amazing, looks really good. I just hope my pc can run it lol… please keep screenshot Saturday consistent, i would be happy even if it was a close up of a rock.


Cant give you a rock il give you a stick


how about a pebble with a twig on top?. or is that asking to much?