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Will we have various scenarios in which we can play, rather than a straight-up sandbox? Like, starting out with certain environments, number of people, resources, types of people, and facing pre-scripted events, like volcanic eruptions our tribe must migrate to escape, or even avoiding alien death rays. :wink:

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The devs have stated many times that, at the release, the game won’t have objectives, so I would guess no scripted major events. Still, that doesn’t mean starting conditions won’t be customizable, just that you have your tribe, start in this environment with these ressources and you have to SURVIVE :smiling_imp:


I’m sure when modders get there hands on this game there be a lot of stuff like that.

I agree that modding can be an option, but there’s only so much modding can do. By scenarios, I mean that players should have a more scripted/narrated option within the game instead of just a sandbox. I understand that a sandbox is fun, but there’s a more depth and emotion associated with a real historical tribe that led to the creation of modern cultures. Like one example of a scenario could be us playing as a real Neolithic tribe in the past and trying to survive as that specific tribe as accurately as possible, facing events that really happened to them. This would definitely strengthen the historical accuracy this game is trying to present and allow us to role play and survive as these real tribes.

I think you’ll have to give some examples of such “real tribes” and such “historical events” you may think of for the Neolithic period.

I can definitely admit I am no expert in Neolithic history, but after some light reading I can say there is evidence of mass burials and conflict between cultures in the past. An example that I find fascinating is the Ertebølle culture in Denmark, which had an economy of sorts based on the fishing and whaling industry and had evidence of conflict with neighboring tribes, even resorting to extreme practices to achieve victory over them. Additionally, the Kurgan culture hypothesis also sounded fascinating and reminded me of the Hunnic invasion of Europe, in which the Huns (in this case Kurgans) came into Europe, displacing kingdoms (tribes/cultures) making Rome fall and beginning the dark ages (in the Kurgan invasion it would be the first explosion of conflict in a Neolithic European “dark age”).

Of course, the scenario/campaign wouldn’t necessarily need to be 100% historically accurate with real figures in history (as that is basically impossible) but it can have real events and cultures within the game for us to interact with.

If I got any of my info wrong pls correct me, again I am no expert in Neolithic history, I just find it very interesting. :slight_smile:

There is no plans to create campaigns at this moment. The game will be a sandbox at release time.
But if the community ask for that feature over other stuff after release, we might consider adding tools for that at some point.