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Primitive Technology dude from youtube

I guess some people might know this guy, its really interesting how he build things from scratch. And most interesting is that same techniques must have been used in neolithic age too. It amazes me how humas were always so inventive, smart, clever, wity,… just fascinating :slight_smile:


It’d be prettty cool if the developers were taking some tips from his videos, or maybe get him as an advisor of sorts, like DICE did with Forgotten Weapons and Great War channels. Obviously they have nowhere near the resources, but it be cool to see some of the stuff he’s capable of make it into the game.

We have seen all his videos and we are following him almost from the start :wink:
Amazing stuff indeed.


I hadn’t come across the Primitive Technology YouTube channel before. Now that I have I can’t stop clicking on the next video. That water-powered hammer was ingenious! Thanks for sharing.

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Once you’ve clicked on related videos long enough, this is just one of those things you ultimately come by :stuck_out_tongue:. Always an interesting watch indeed.

Hm, any chance this guy might give a shout-out to the game? It would be awesome.


Not just this, but early monuments too:

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Eeek! I clicked to see this, but it looks like the uploader also uploads nazi videos =(

“by only one white man” should give it away :frowning: :unamused:

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Yeah… I didn’t notice that.
Click to see other videos of his… saw an antisemitic one… EEEKK!!

You can turn on the captions for the Primitive Technology videos to get some handy details. But also just as much fun perhaps more to watch without them on.

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