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Plans for expansion?

I was wondering if the AC team had decided on further DLCs?

You could include:

Maya, Olmec (North American Kingdoms)
Aethiopia, Egypt, Nubia, Libu, Punt (African Kingdoms)
Bactria–Margiana, Cimmeria, Colchis (Euroasia Kingdoms)
Gojoseon, Shang, Xia (Eastern Asian Kingdoms)

There is too many Western and Southern Asian Kingdoms to name! But this gives you a chance for more Biomes and landscapes. Personally, being a Canadian, playing as the Mayans or Olmecs would be incredible.


We know it is plenty of amazing options, but…let’s finish current game first, announced expansions later, and then we will see :wink:


IF this game is going to be about the neolithic era than we should stick to the real tribes that were around at the time, also, what IF we eventually include Albionic Isles. It is the area of Great Britain and Ireland. And they are European, why not include them?

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