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Permission to Livestream or promote the game? (Answer: not yet)

greetings I have a couple of questions and I would like to verify if I have permission or not

do I have permission to Livestream the game ?
do I have permission to make a video about it ?
do I have permission to promote the game ?

without getting into any trouble it was not quite clear in the EULA

as a youtuber & live streamer I would like to promote the game
and make a review about it and the progress that is being made

therefore I would like for the developers to give me permission or not
before I start

here are the following channels

thank you for taking the time to answer my question

my apologies this is not meant as spam it is a legitimate question
I have posted the channels purely to be whitelisted to prevent copyright and strikes on the channels my apologies if people got the wrong impression

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No problem at all asking, don’t worry (and thank you for asking first)! :slightly_smiling_face:
Having said that, permission denied.

As stated in the EULA:

Licensee agrees to treat Ancient Cities as confidential and will not without the express written authorization of Uncasual Games:


  • Publish, or otherwise disclose any information in any format (text, image, video, stream) relating to the playability, performance or quality of Ancient Cities to any third party

As soon as the game is stable enough, we’ll make a public announcement allowing streams and video broadcasts.
Thank you for your patience!

thank you very much for replying I just wanted to make sure
and I will eagerly await your decision please keep me up to date when I’m allowed to stream and make videos about it

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The devs would like you to contact them via the website form (see the faq) . They will note down your details and contact you if and when they decide to give you streaming/youtubing permissions :wink:

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