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Not to release it until is fully finished - Hello everyone!

Maybe some of you will hate me but I’m begging Developers of this game not to release it until is fully finished. I am so excited about this game, but when is made in rush to gain profit faster, it’s when mistakes are made… Seriously, even if it takes another year and more funding, i am ok to donate more, but i wanna see a decent product in the end, and not the crap like the last Assassin’s Creed Games. Keep the good job going and Good Luck in what your doing. Cheers


Agree but I also think they should continue making the game better even after release.


We are building the game as a platform. That means that once the game is in your hard drive it will be updated along all the development of expansions too. Expansions content will not be added for free -unless you have a backer level for that-, but all improvements to the engine and common features of the game will. For instance, if we add a common feature “irrigation” with middle east, the base game will be updated with irrigation too when we release the expansion.

This will break in the future only if at some point we change or upgrade the game engine so much that it is not compatible anymore with the oldest machines we are supporting now. If we upgrade in that conditions some players could not keep playing so that would be the time for AC2. But we will try this not to happen in many years.


I have updated the post tittle to make more clear what the post is all about.