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Not sure if this news will affect AC or not... but:

Just saw this news article, and I am not sure if AC is targeting a date and region in game as I don’t have access yet, but if so, Devs might want to check this out when they have a second: Stone Tools

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Nope… Trump put it there. Either that or the rake news media. lol

Only kidding, nice find

For now they are focusing on Europe I believe and the only other place out of Europe that they plan on 100% also doing is Mesopotamia.

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Well, this is of interest. I saw it going around archaeology twitter earlier today.
The scientific paper is here: Sadly, it has a paywall unless your academic institution lets you past or you spend ~$8.

Looks like the find was under good strata and it’s been both radiometrically (carbon dated) and luminescence dated (probably TL), and it seems they have lots of primary material and good control material. So, just reading the abstract, this looks like it should be a good paper. I might rent it for reading as I find that topic of interest.

There certainly isn’t any reason such groups couldn’t have existed there. Perhaps the glaciality of the region hampered their migration and localized them until later migrations? They had lithic industry, so probably not a short-term camp.

None of this should be applicable to AC as the game is supposed to be Neolithic and up, though it sounds like Mesolithic was added. This would be upper paleolithic.


If you guys want I can get it through my University account and post a download link for you


Well, I’m torn… one the one hand, that’s bad and all, but on the other, I detest how journals make academics pay (what little money we have) for articles =/ It’s a kind offer and I will let others consider it.

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Screw journals :stuck_out_tongue: This is research made with public money, edited voluntarily by other academics for free. Open Access model now!


LoL sending download link


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I took a cheeky tone but I am serious about the access to research issue :slight_smile:


Interestingly coming from the BBC news report the link seems to go to the full article. At least I get redirected to it after a second or two and I’ve never been a paying member of nature journal.

Click the link in that post.


This is somewhat related :slight_smile:


I know this isn’t AC specific but anyone else bothered by this?

@kingmadolev If it wouldn’t get you into trouble sure would be nice to see the original document vs whatever selective snippets a journalist decides to share with us.

Well, I would not be happy to find my novels free like that.
I sell them so cheaply that they are nearly free anyway, but I do like to make a little income.

I made my 1st book free to combat piracy.

Library already pays annual fee’s to the pubishers for the rights to hold and lend the books - if the end user decides to keep the copy after the loan period its akin to them scanning a hardbound book and is completely out of the library’s hands at that point - i can see it from your perspective but if you think your publisher actually properly compensates you for every print copy/ecopy in circulation…

Its why Ebook with a sponsor seems to be the way forward - each book gets a 1 page forward on it with an ad, all serialized that way.

I’ll never do that. I HATE ads. I’d rather them free than with a nasty ad.
Nothing repels me like ads.

lol im a firn believer in the pay what you think its worth, like tipping - the ad thing is just people needing to make bills and not wanting to have to try and employ a damn legal team for people to just do the right thing and pay you your due.