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New ancient cities trailer

Hello all/ hallo allemaal

I would like to see a new trailer appear more than a year ago that one has appeared.
I know that you are working very hard to bring the game to the market. I think and probably a lot of others, that it is time to come again.
that way people can see what the differences are and how it is improved after a year. I also think this will put you more on the map if that is what you are now. everyone is waiting full of excitement.
maybe it will be a little quiet again without 100th messages that you can go on with the design of your game
I myself can wait for the outcome of your game, I do not think much else, haha ​​is a segestie, let it know how you think about it already thanks


Please make a new trailer

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Unfortunately, I do not think the Developers had the best marketing strategy or support for those of us who supported the Development of this game. There was a significant effort in campaigning for money such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Beyond that, there should have been more of an effort to support those that supported the development of the game. Not the best business strategy. I am looking forward to the release of Dawn of Man. I know it’s easy to say that it may not be as In-depth as a game, but who knows, we haven’t seen much from Ancient Cities to compare it to. Soon, there may be a revolt from the supporters of this game. The fire is starting to smolder. To the developers…Good Luck and Best Regards.

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I must agree with Jasper. It has been a while since we’ve seen anything visual.

I know that the dev. team regularly posts the progress on twitter, but it would be nice if they release a new trailer. Even if they don’t show anything new, please just explain to us the progress that has been made the past year.

The dev. team should consider posting the visual progress regularly, to keep the game in the spotlight until the game gets released. Keeping the fire alive, as they say. And which should also result in more purchases ofcource.


no response from the makers bad thing


We’re all eagerly waiting for news!.. The issues you raise have been adressed in the Looks like this game has stalled topic. @louis.mervoyer shared an enlighting video, I’d suggest you take a look at it to help your patience :slightly_smiling_face:


I think it would do the developer good if they released “Developer Diaries” like Paradox Interactive does with their DLC and games. It lets people in on what features are being developed and lets them sway development a little bit.

I am a fan of Paradox dev diaries, however their team size is a lot larger. Moreover when they develops a DLC they have a relatively clear view of the objectif and how to achieve it.

For Ancient Cities the team is small and since it the base game the road is not linear : you remove some old stuffs because it do not fit anymore, create ones you did not plan at first. And when you are working on the engine it is not very sexy.
As an exemple you can read the devlog of the Banished creator, some posts are very technical :
You can also notice that most of the time there is only one or two post per month and not all of them have pictures (only one or two have a trailer).
Furthermore, with the concurrence of Dawn of Man they have to be careful about what they published and keep some keys features hidden. The Banished creator was alone on the segment (he basically created the genre).
With all this they keep publishing screenshot and show features (ex : the global map which I did not expect in the base game and could be a major difference between the two games)

In the end we all want more info on the game but for development sake we have to be patient. More than dev diaries I think we want a road map with expect date for beta and release but I am sure the devs will let us know when they know themself for certain.


Paradox does dev diaries for more than just their DLC, they have one once a week for Imperator Rome and for Stellaris and Hearts of Iron IV when those were first being made. I always appreciated the diaries as it let me know what I could expect from this game and didn’t create unreal expectations. I always knew exactly what I was getting. That is rough though that they’re competing with Dawn of Man. Paradox never really has to worry about competition as they make their diaries and games.

As a software developer I am glad I never had to do anything like that. Meetings, reports, etc all take time away from coding, which often requires hours of deep concentration. Obviously, you must have some meetings and reports, but I totally understand how it can be problematic for development.

It can take me 20-30min just to get my head in the right order to code. Luckily, where I work I am left alone to to that.

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