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Neolithic Middle East has been unlocked on Indiegogo

We want to inform you that Neolithic Middle East has been unlocked on Indiegogo campaign!

Yes! This means that all backers with “unlocked expansions” reward will get this one too when available.

Neolithic Middle East will explore the true origin of cities and Neolithic revolution.
The place and time were the civilisation as we know it sparked for the first time.
Even if it is still a bit far away, we are sure that will be an amazing travel to do with you all ; )

The next goal is the first approach to easy modding the game. The game will support loading custom height maps. This is the first step to recreate real world locations. Yet it is not a full terrain editor, that goal is still hidden, it is a first step in that direction.



So this means Anatolia and the Levant?
Catalhoyuk and Jericho!


That means that kind of biomes, that architecture and that cultures.
Also new gameplay. It should feel like a new game. BUT, lets focus on Europe for now :wink:


So next year “holidays” I have to travel to turkey again?


Great news and congrats! Even more to look forward to!

What can we expect about this “new gameplay”? It will be new “features” or “mechanics” different for Atlantic Europe, or “just” weather, biomes, fauna, and “geographical stuff”?

Congratulations by the way!

It is the place where taming of plants and animals occurred.
We will have to depict this someway, but it is not the moment to think about it yet.
West is the focus now.


YAY! Congratulations guys! Looking forward to what you have in store with this expansion. So many potential buildings, resources & terrains.

Congratulations guys! But as you said, lets focus on Europe for now :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations, everyone! :slight_smile:

Awesome, my favourite period!

Great news! Let’s hope more stretch goals will be unlocked in the remaining weeks :slight_smile:.

Nice, I hope that the campaign goes up at least to reach the coastal cities perk :smiley:

Just a quick heads up - I started tracking the progress of the campaign with the help of a graph (and plan to continue to do so) in this topic here.

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Congratulations on reaching the next goal! :slight_smile:

Keep it up. Keep it up. :smiley:

To the moon!

Haven’t a clue what most of the conversation is about, but for the bits that I did understand, CONGRATULATIONS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What parts don’t you understand? :slight_smile:

The Middle East is a big place, is the map going to focus on a specific part of that region? Like the Levant? or even modern day Egypt?