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Neolithic Clothing in the Game?

Thank you!

Working on more, even now!

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Linear Pottery Culture - 5500 BCE

In villages containing 50-150 people built on banks of rivers, these longhouse dwelling river people are some of the earliest Neolithic inhabitants in western Europe. They farmed, hunted, gathered, and raised animals.

I commissioned this illustration of a very early Neolithic tribe on the shores of the Rhine, in southern Germany right on top of where Mannheim is, today.

It’s based on many years of research into each little detail.
Hopefully, this will give the developers more insight into what the future Neolithic clothing should look like.



Linear Pottery Culture - 5500 BCE
Winter hunting scene


Linear Pottery Culture - 5500 BCE
Winter Ice Fishing scene


Linear Pottery Culture - Warfare & Defense (fall season)
Their body paints, feathers, etc are based on recovered figurines from the LBK.
Early western European Neolithic, 5500 BCE
What do you think?


Linear Pottery Culture - Summer fishing 5500 BCE

Brown Trout, bone hook, nettle fiber net.

The dude has a Spondylus shell (LBK wore those)!

So many more clothes to make!!!
I need to make the rest of the seasonal clothes!


Linear Pottery Culture circa 5500BCE
Trading clothing.
Always dress to impress!

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Linear Pottery Culture circa 5500BCE
Summer einkorn harvest!
This happens just a little bit after the flax harvest.

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Linear Pottery Culture, 5500 BCE, Fall Festival Attire.

If you have seen LBK figurines/artwork, you will recognize the design of their outfits. I based them on dozens of LBK artifacts & lots of other data.
Also, see the LBK figurine?


Linear Pottery Culture, 5500 BCE, Winter Weaving/spinning Attire.

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Linear Pottery Culture, 5500 BCE, Spring Planting Attire.

I actually wore outfits like this and used a clay bowl I made with seeds and a deer antler tip soil tiller, like the man has.


The first Catalhoyuk concept for my next Neolithic culture.
The website is up with loads of samples the devs can use (

Notice the Hacilar influence & the leopard skin? Also, a linen apron with tassel.

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The next illustration for my Neolithic Clothing Project

Hopefully, the dev’s will be able to use my website to help them with clothing ideas.
Linear Pottery Culture is already up and I am working on Catalhoyuk next.


Your website works well! I would think that it’d be pretty helpful to the developers and cut down on research time. I will have to have a more in depth read sometime and learn myself something as well.

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TY! I hope so.
I’m working on the next culture right now. There is just too much bad data out there about Neolithic Clothing, so now I have science based pictures to help properly depict them! \o/

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Ancient #Neolithic Anatolian dance!

Çatalhöyük 6000 BCE - Crane, Bull, Vulture dance (animism). Such rituals were likely life or death important to ancient people

I commissioned this piece from Alexandra Filipek

Good article about for basis of scene:

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For the Dev’s creating an authentic scene, a few books are a must.
I have these books and can provide info as needed.

Personal Ornaments in Prehistory: An exploration of body augmentation from the Palaeolithic to the Early Bronze Age - This book provides the information you need to properly get necklaces, and such correct.

Within this amazing document is a paper titled Clothing and Nudity in the Prehistoric Near East, by Dr. Claudia Beuger. In her paper, Dr. Beuger pretty well says everything I have been saying for the last few years about prehistoric clothing

“The presence of textiles is not questioned, but it remains problematic to find evidence for real garments such as larger wrapped sheets or even larger sewn pieces. Burials, which generally reproduce everyday life by means of grave goods,10 can be expected to offer some evidence of the use of garments, but there is hardly any evidence so far” (2006, Dr. Beuger, pg.98)

Also, I just got a new and critical book about Catalhoyuk!!!

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My 1st four pictures from Catalhoyuk, 6000 BCE. This would be late Neolithic and even early Copper Age Anatolia.

8 more pictures from this culture to come.

Working on summer wheat harvesting Catalhoyuk, 6000 BCE). Personal Ornaments in Prehistory & Personal Adornment in the #Neolithic Middle East: a case study in catalhoyuk, were critical to getting the beads correct! More detail to follow

Summer ritual at Catalhoyuk, 6000 BCE. A vulture woman & leopard man. Our pair are dressed to summon the spirits/gods via animism! Notice the other three items? I’ll explain below.

Late spring herding Catalhoyuk, 6000 BCE. Goats/sheep became dominant after the 8.2k event. Notice how the wool is naturally falling off the sheep vs. modern sheering? Animal husbandry was essential to Anatolian Neolithic peoples!

Summer fishing/hunting Catalhoyuk, 6000 BCE). Not leopard spots painted onto leather for hunter + unstrung bow. The fisher wears a flax string skirt & holds a scooping basket for catching small Capoeta, Loaches, & Pseudophoxinus fish. Notice the shellfish!