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Music and sound design

I thought maybe we could discuss about these matters here, and I had a couple questions as well.
As you may infer from the title I wanted to see if we could get some info on AC’s music and sound design? What is Lluis working on? Or maybe is it planned for later? Bottom line: is there something you can reveal/tell us? :slightly_smiling_face:
As always, my heartfelt support for you guys (and I’m sure I talk for a lot of people! :wink:)


I have seen pictures of the AC folks using sound equipment to capture prehistoric sounds, such as a bow and arrow.

I’m hoping for a good soundtrack, i’ve always loved some nice and relaxed backgroundmusic in my citybuilders.


Yeah, maybe just good and deep ambient music could be nice :slight_smile:

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We really have zero idea what Neolithic music sounded like, but we know what instruments they had. Maybe they could use an inspired tribal sound using those instruments.


I don’t know why I had this flash of inspiration but: please, please, (sometimes?) crickets at night! I find it so calming and nature-esque…


Some random animal noises would be cool. It depends if those resources can be obtained easily and cheaply.


If @Uncasual Have not already begun hunting down music for their game, perhaps I might be able to help with finding some. I will either track down such music for my book ads (Set in the same time/place as the game), or make it myself. If I find some good music that can be purchased or if I make some myself using. Instruments, I’ll let you folks know.

I have considered reenacting the music myself. I probably have to hire someone to sing the song, but for basic background sound, I can probably reproduce the instruments.

They are there already.


Now that’s awesome!
Such an important touch lol

I am researching Neolithic musical instruments in much more detailed than I did for my own works. I’m going to try to reproduce some, and see if I can even come up with some simple music. Perhaps that’ll be of use.

Does anybody have any good scholarly links to information on Neolithic musical instruments? I’m currently looking, but it’s definitely a subject that doesn’t get enough attention, probably because there’s not very many surviving instruments. The majority I find from the Neolithic seem to come from China, which is not where the game starts

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I already heard somethings about archaeology of music in ancient prehistoric occupied caves. Sounds of percussioms and probably tempo made from differents rocks formations and echo !


While Neolithic folks certainly were not cave dwellers, it’s completely possible they might have used them for certain ceremonies, using the such techniques. I’ve also read of clay drums. I’m pretty sure I can make it clay drum.

We can also infer the existence of certain instruments with the understanding that they may not have empirical data backing them up. For example, soundsticks. Certain instruments are so simple and obvious and their Construction, that they’re probably Universal, whereas others are not.

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Here is a really nice paper showing many good examples of clay drums.
They can be made of earthen clay, but their firing will be tough due to their size.
“easy bake” clay cannot achieve these due to being polymer (which flexes) and not having a crystalline structure (being a long chain hydrocarbon).

There are many good images of these drums, their time period, and their location!!!

I have hear many references to bone/shell/tooth/antler rattles. I can’t find anything good on it, but the abstract below discusses it. The paper is way too costly to purchase, but I am sure I can find a better article.

So, I will try and make the drum and try and make the rattles.


I have gone ahead and ordered deer teeth to make a simple rattle.

Though many non-achademic websites speak of clay rattles, I am unsure if I accept this. low fired clay can be quite brittle and being a rattle sounds to me like an instrument with a short lifespan. I can duplicate this design as well, if I final scholarly peer reviewed evidence of this.

Didgeridoos, didgeridoos of all shapes! Haha

I think that something cool would be that the activities they work on make rhythmic sounds (wood choping in tempo). I believe you could assign a global looping “track” that gets filled by tagged sounds (for example: choping for drum, digging for high hat…) that are played at some degree of randomness. Like the pattern of tagged sounds would be a preset, but in other to fill it you need activities being done.
That would be a good “accidental” music. And also I would say that was the way they first started performing music.

I know, I got excited with this. But melodic games are amazing (not really relatable, but patapon). And we are here to suggest :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll post photos of the creation process as I make the instruments, as well as background on how and why I choose various designs (all based on research and data).

So it turns out that I’m dumb lol

I tried to order deer teeth so that I could make a Neolithic rattle, but I accidentally ordered deer milk teeth. I should have realized that they were inexpensive. They are millimeters in size and utterly useless… Well actually, I guess they’re technically udderly useful, but we’re not dealing with udders. I will try again and then make a rattle, once I have actual legit adult teeth

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I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before… I need bones in order to make a bone Neolithic rattle, but it doesn’t seem that any particular bone is necessarily better than any other. Each just makes different types of sound. Instead of trying to find them on the Internet to order, why didn’t I think of this before?

I have just ordered a rack of ribs which I will eat thus leaving me with perfectly useful pig bones, something Neolithic people definitely had. Now they had a different type of pig, but pig bones used in modern day smoked ribs are going to be very similar to domesticated Neolithic pig bones as well as a small wild boar. Not only do I get a nice tasty meal, but I also get to wonderful side dishes! This is a much smarter method than ordering bones off the internet lol

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Fits maybe not in the Neolithic, but think good voices …
When the time comes, you can ask for it. Is also a rather small studio with limited budget.

Ancestors Legacy - OST Behind The Scenes #2 - YouTube