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Multiplayer / Coop

Was wondering if AC will have multiplayer/cooperation possibilites ?
Two different type could be developped :slight_smile:

  1. Cooperation mod - Same game : Allowing 2 players in the same map controling the same fellow / ressources. Not to hard to implement in the game and would alloy to focus on micro managing and cities planification.

  2. Multiplayer - Several cities on a regional map : A regional map allowing to trade ressources beetween each settlement. Give a nice multiplayer aspect and also fits with the history since trading appears on late neolihtic.

See you !

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Personally I would prefer the focus on the first while the second would be taken care of by an AI until it can be changed/updated through a patch

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As stated in the game FAQ there will be not multiplayer.
The reasons for this are:

  • Limited resources and development time.
  • The game uses player time speed acceleration, which does not fit very well with multiplayer.
  • We don’t want to fall in the unrealistic balancing between different factions typical of multiplayer games.
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No need to do a coop based on a PvP experience. It seems that your gameplay is deep and rich enough for players to have fun with coop-sandbox possiiblity.

Anyway, agreed on your pirority list, was just asking.
Thanks for taking the time to respond, even a Sunday !

PS : About time managing in a coop sandbox : Time could be manage only by the host. So it fix your time proceedings issues.

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That would be a bit unfair, you go to normal time to plan, build and manage events, and then turn to fast speed for the boring part. Only the host control that?


Of course the other major problem with multiplayer is that the architecture of the game typically needs to be geared towards multiplayer to start with. This is not always the case, but that’s usually something you would decide to do at the very beginning before you started laying down code. As a result, my guess is that it’s unlikely this is a realistic feature anytime soon.

And yes, I would want complete control over the time, which would be unfair to other players unless I were solo

About coop time management : In a cooperation game, meaning that both player can control the same citizens, / ressources etc. it’s not like they are fighting each others but they are working with all the same stuff. So the issue is what would happen if both of them are taking control of the same fellow or want to slow down / accelerate the time.

That’s where having the host to have the master hand will be beneficial. remember, it’s only about coop. (n othing to do with a player v. player). An other possibilty (like in the total war series) : time could be accelerate or slowered only if all players click on the timer.

I quiet insist about the 2 differents types of multiplayer :

  • coop. in the same game (like a standard solo just with 2 players to take the hand over)
  • multiplayer pvp where peaple are playing against each other or at least side by side (that wouldn’t fit with the game play anyway and/or would be another game).

But well I imagine that even a coop. duo/trio game intterraction would take quiet a bunch of time to deal with and futher more, would need money to host the servers (or only having local host, so the server quost aren’t supported by AC).

If anyone here has played stellaris, it has a similar time function where in PVP there is anywhere from 2 players to 8+ and the host controls the speed but multiplayer is still hugely popular, either because the host sets it at a quickened (non-maximum) speed so that everyone isn’t waiting around for resources and production times but also if you get attacked or need to respond quickly you can still do it but you just have to be quick. Also LAN matches work great because one person can just say “can you slow it down a bit” then the host does. So I think for the time thing, I’m okay with either option because I would LOVE to play this game with my friends.
•option 1 stellaris/host controlled style
•option 2 total war-both must agree on time style

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first of all, games looks absolutely amazing, and cant wait to test it out.
About Multiplayer and COOP i totally understand your focus ATM, and as you point out in the FAQ, you might look into at a later point.
My question is, since this is a topic you must have disused very early in the development, is the foundation created in a way so multiplayer/COOP can be introduced later on?

The reason why i ask this question is that, for my opinion of view, i am gonna play this game ALOT, and i know many of my friends gonna do the same, and i know we will talk about how cool it would be if we could “evolve” together in the game, and try to create some amazing cities. The Multiplayer/coop part of games like this, is what make me come back again and again playing the game.

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