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Mod: More Food!

Hello, are you tired of your neolithic tribe starving to death? Fear no more, as More Food is here! All foods contain 3X the calories. The amount of mushrooms, berries and fish are greatly increased.

Here are the files contained in the mod: (75.8 KB)

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Is anyone still starving after all the updates made the past months ?? Wow.

What is the point of your comment? To shame people who haven’t figured it out yet? How helpful of you! Thanks so much for your useful post!

Are you asking how to get more food ? No ! You’re just denying my comment !

I’m allowed to be shocked that a mod is needed to get 3x more food.

Thanks so much for your useful post ! :sweat_smile:

It’s understandable that a mod would be needed to get more food. Animals and hunting are not yet in the game.

If you guys think there is too much food, let me know and I can tone it down. I don’t want to completely take the challenge away.

It is fine as it is. You don’t need to change anything.

This other guy just wanted to show how good he is at the game I think.