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Mod: Camera Height Tweak

Lowering the minimum camera height to 1



Nice! How hard do you think it would be to make a mod that lets you set the camera to any angle? It seems like as you zoom in, you can’t point the camera straight down.

Harder than I expected it to be tbh. I’ll have to keep messing around.

I think its all in one file down in the Layer folder Ancient\Data\Ancient\Layer\ but the obvious suspect for angle in there isn’t doing much when I change it.

If you actually did make it, I would love you immensely.

Well my task for this week is breaking resource generation but I’ll do my best.

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TBH I need to look into learning how to mod for the game.

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This is amazing. Thank you so much for modding! This will add so much depth to the game and potentially help the game itself move forward!


@Eukaryote I agree. After turning this mod on and looking around at full zoom, wow… AC would make an amazing first person game. I’d pay money for that.

@Artaxerxes Are you aware that the icon to go to the regional map does not follow the clock with your mod? Is this intended?

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Updated to 0.1.17

The white eyes are very unsettling in this version…

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Fixed in the next version :wink:


For various reasons I’ve had to reupload this for v18 so you may need to resubscribe

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