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How does migration work in this game? If I remember correcty, the devs replied to someone saying that you can migrate to whole new maps. If that’s true, is that the only way to migrate or can you migrate within the map if it is big enough to support that and you wish to? If we can migrate to a brand new map, will we be able to eventually migrate back to the previous map(s) and move back to where the village lived before or does switching maps erase all data from the old one? This style of migrating could be useful if players decide to move back and forth based on weather or available resources, which I believe early nomadic people did. It would mean we wouldn’t have to start over every time we felt we needed to move the village and would mean we would eventually have multiple places (if we had the choice of selecting from multiple previous maps, rather than just the last one we played) that, when migrating, players could decide to go back to depending on what caused the move in the first place (lack of food/water, resources, weather, neighbors, etc.).

How will the move itself work? Is migration a player-made decision or a random event the game will present from time to time? How does everything get transported and who decides what to take (the player or is it an automated action where the villagers just take whatever the game thinks they will need to start over)?

What are your thoughts on the migration aspect? I, for one, am excited to try it out when I get the game.


While it sounds really cool it goes a bit far right now :wink:

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