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Material bones

Was in a historical museum on the weekend. There were everyday objects, weapons, jewelry, etc. made of bones.
How widespread was the processing of bone in the Neolithic? Could that influence the craft in AC? Just a consideration …

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I’d have to find my note or references, but I belive it was very common. Bones make a wonderful material to work. Easier than wood to drill and very strong.

Fishing arrow/spear heads
Fish hooks

I am drying a set of ribs right now to make a simple Neolithic instrument as an experimental archeology project.

I made a pendant a few months ago lol


Ouch, so much blood on the tablecloth. That’s the final proof your obsidian is really cutting! :blush:

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I use my obsidian blade for weaving, normally. I ate that steak and used a rough obsidian shard to cut

… and remarkably, as the blood snaps up and takes on the shape of a lotus flower … a strong magic :+1:

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I wish it did more of that magic right now.
I am firing Neolithic pottery and my clay pot just broke… Ouch! lol