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Long Term Play Motivation

Mods I’ll look for first are those which let you have more building style, different looks for huts and mud/stone buildings… Especially if they could relate to the location, ressources and culture of where you settle.

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Im talking about after entering the specific location that the resources are random. Maybe a berry bush is in a different spot. and Deer show up more or something, random stuff.

animals are born into the world not spawned, so dont over hunt or fish. from what im understanding it is/going to be a living virtual world where your decisions impact the world. time frame of neolithic age im not sure with, like will doggerland be a thing or will England be split from mainland Europe

There using satellite imaging to render the terrain accurate to the real world, since doggerland is under sea i assume it wont be a thing. plus screenshots of the world map show a distinct gap

Ah I’m not sure IRIDIC, I once saw a map with a timeline here, the topographic changes were taken into account… I can’t find it right now, but I’ll search here in the forum again…

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i would be happy to be wrong, it would be cool.

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But in saying that, i found this

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there seems to be a timline slider maybe there is dogerland. idk

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that’s what I had in mind, thank you. I don’t know which thread it was, but I thought that there was even more pics… if you would change the indicator below to 7,000 or 10,000 BC you should be able to see doggerland… we all will see…

cant wait. and i found it on twitter.

Anything that you can find out there has been published on this forum :slight_smile:

yea i doubt this topic hasn’t been talked about. theirs been people speculating since 2017.

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Now that sounds awesome. I cannot wait.

yeah noticing the time slide is what made me think doggerland should be a thing from the number of the time scale being from 15000 to 2500 bc and doggerland flooded out/in however you want to put it 6000 bc so that scale should allow to most fertile land Europe has seen. in the last 3 years ive only seen people mention it but only on our side not the dev’s

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Doggerland is in the game.



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that is awesome

tbf much like RimWorld…id rather have 100 failed settlements for 1 successful settlement rather than 100 successful and 1 failed