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Linux & Mac question/request

In one of the recent interviews you gave, you said: “…After the release we will evaluate if porting to Mac or Linux has a commercial sense for us…”

I’m a Kickstarter supporter and only use Linux. I don’t have Windows and like it that way.

Why am I saying this?

Please count my 40 euro towards “commercial sense” on behalf of Linux and don’t assume my 40 euros counts towards Windows.

I don’t know about others here, but I supported you because I’d love to see this game realized… But I’d appreciate a little more love (in the general gaming producers sense, not just from you) for my platform of choice, especially since you’re building your own 3D engine anyway.

Closer to release it would make sense to do a platform survey. I would prefer to play on Mac, but I want this game to be successful even if I don’t get my option to play.

Do the developers have any experience with compiling for Mac or Linux? Some planning ahead could be helpful.

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Linux and windows here. I haven’t owned a Mac since the late 80s.

The big question will be what language, external libraries and Graphics libraries were used. They may constrict the portability of the game.

Well I want this game to be successful too, but I guess my point was that I’d like some proper love for Linux once.

Anyway, please don’t take my “vote” (my pledge) as a vote for Windows (since I don’t have it).

I am curious to find out how much effort the devs expect it might cost though.

We will, but many more will be necessary to reach that “commercial sense”.

The problem, even in the best case, is this:
We end the game, release the game, and the game is a success.
What we should do next with the available resources?
Focus on new content and the next expansion for the 80% of the market, or work for months to port the game to Mac and Linux? For a small company is not much to decide here, we need to focus in the content and expansions to keep the company running.

For a Mac/Linux port to have sense one of these should happen:

  • Mac/Linux market should be able to make a profit similar to a big expansion, with is not going to happen.
    -We have more resources that we need to make the expansion, not very likely for a small company.

The third option is this:
We open a crowdfunding campaign for the cost of the ports, and Mac/Linux owners who want the game give us resources to hire people who make it happen while we work on the content and expansions.
This could work like a sell without much risk because at that point that people already knows if they like the game and if they want it on their computers.

But this is very much speculation at this point.