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Large Bodies of Water and Map Size

Terrain has always shaped cultures and ways of life, so the idea of either living next to or having to cross a large body of water like a sea, massive lake, or something similar to the English channel would be interesting to look into.
Along with large bodies of water there is the thought of how large of a map a person could explore.


This is a very good point. Not only does this affect the joy of gameplay and what can be found, but it also affects what resources would be available. Beyond trade, living near or far from water has quite an effect on the form of culture your tribe would take. Arid lands would require arid farming techniques, while a river might provide plentiful fishing. Hopefully, the game mechanics take these into account. This may also have an effect on what later technologies are available. As an example, arid landscape does not lend itself to bast fibers(e.g. flax, nettle, cotton), making the discovery of the weighted loom and textile production almost useless (with wool being an exception).

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Lakes are already in the game.
Rivers are planned but not in the game yet, we are still thinking about the best way to generate them in our kind of terrain, witch is not just a plain with some mountains.

Seas will require extra technology on our side to make then right and they are a still hidden goal in the indiegogo campaign.


Why not the contrary too, with desert places. Frozen areas with tundra and green areas only next to water sources; hot desert; or like some places in “Le Midi de la France” with rivers in canyons, full of life, and the area around it, on a higher ground, drier, but still like Mediterranean climate.

The game is going to be awesome, as one of its goal is DIVERSITY ! :heartbeat:

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That’s right, but keep in mind that diversity will come with time and not all at the first release :wink:


I’m totally fine with this as long as you guys have a very stable and solid core game. That is extremely important. The other stuff will come with time as you said but if you have the essential base to start with everything else should fall into place :wink:


save seas for later on

on with the epic game