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Language ingame synchro Voice

Hi there,

will there be voice ingame? So will the villager talk to you (by giving order, clicking etc.)
If yes, will the language be english or some created indoeuropean language?


We will try to avoid language as much as we can to avoid translation problems.
If we use it it will be original languages or speculation, for the same reason plus immersion.


I must say I enjoyed a lot the #wenja language created by paleolinguists for the game FarCry Primal.
The devs of that language a linguistic couple professors at the… university are pretty good.
However, I think it would be more engaging having (if there will be any) a language spoen in Indoeuropean fitting to the setting rather then english. I also remember the Age of Empires games with all the civilisations speaking their own language (bad made) it was interesting.


Yes, something like that.


I also enjoy the work of those two linguists, whose names are Andrew and Brenna Byrd. They have also done some work reconstructing ancient languages for National Geographic for a documentary, so it seems they’re open to working for others than Ubisoft. I don’t know what they would charge for it though so perhaps the dev team’s resources would be better spent on other things. But it would be interesting and immersive to have some reconstructed proto-language in the game.

They have a blog here:

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I have created an early Neolithic language for use in my books. I used my own tweaked version of the comparative method.

I cannot wait for Ancient Cities to be released! I would love to hear some Neolithic words spoke.
Ehg ne’turto stehk de Ancient Cities de eshe’ke! Ehg khu’wennus de’ehuedh Neolithic aeg’lk sehke.

Here it is, spoken.

I was just thinking again of how much I liked listening to the little villagers in Age of Empires. You would tell them to go do something and they would reply back. It wasn’t English.

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It seems AOE borrowed from random languages.
I heard PIE-ish, old English, Latin and more.

Like I said before, I have an entire recreated Neolithic language I made that they may use, if they want. :woman_shrugging:t2: