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Knowledge Transfer

Would like to know how knowledge transfer will occur ingame. I.E. for the players village to learn developments in animal husbandry, crop cultivation, hunting techniques excetera they will need to interact with a traveling tribe / established village / trade opportunities (seeds) etc.

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What has been revealed is that knowledge will be individually carried by each citizen. That means someone may be able to cultivate x crop but unable to craft rope, or someone else will do a very good work as a potter and a poor job at fishing, for example.
This next is speculation, but if knowledge is held by each individual, the passing will mainly be from individual to another individual: teaching. I reckon that practicing an activity will make them gradually more skilled at that. What was inferred in ealry development (meaning this may have changed now) is that new knowledge doesn’t just “appear” out of nowhere: it is carried by someone, namely, immigrants or foreigners you get in contact with. This being said, in my opinion, some technologies should be allowed to be discovered by observation and experimentation.


That would be a very interesting aspect of gameplay - I.e. if there is an elder that is greatly experienced with a specific skill you would want to protect him or match him with a younger generation to learn. If he dies in a raid, from disease etc then you miss his gains in a specific area. However, I feel that some tech, once discovered or transferred, such as cultivating a specific plant or animal husbandry (say of wild boar) should be held for a few generations.

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Concerning harvest, it could be lead by the most skilled agricultor in the village, and the whole tribe could learn to grow this sort of crop. Even if they knew nothing about harvesting, just taking part in this collective harvest could teach them.


There is a lot of evidence that exchange of knowledge came in the form of people working together. Women sat around spinning or making things, each talking and sharing skills. Woman’s Work: The first 20,000 Years is a good book explaining this in detail

Your mother would teach you to spin and you would teach your daughters. You might even pick up new skills at tribal gatherings. Over a long time, new skills would slowly emerge.


Yes, so warrior lodges other such schools will teach pass on their knowledge for the future generations, like we do with schools today. If it is prevalent now, why not back then? As schools will give more members of the tribe learned skills passed on, which enhances the chances for survival.

It just makes sense.

I came across Lynne Kelly’s research on ancient memory and knowledge transfer in a podcast and found it really interesting: Lynne Kelly on Memory Palaces, Ancient and Modern by Sean Carroll’s Mindscape. Give it a listen! :slight_smile:

This is the webpage (it looks esotheric, I know :smiley: but it really is scientific, I swear), and there’s a lot of other googleable material.

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I’m going to give it a go! The website does look esoteric xD but the topics addressed in her book seem really interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

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