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Keyboard vs. Mouse


Many people have carpal tunnel syndrome, and similar issues.
Will you have keys mapped to your functions or will the game be entirely mouse driven?

After years of computer science/programming, my carpal tunnel syndrome makes game play tough. So many people I know avoid gaming just because of this. This is why i always make my own software key or mouse driven \o/


A game like this without mouse is a bit difficult to control.
Currently the game uses a keyboard mouse combination.
How will you select a character only with a keyboard? moving the cursor with keys? Can be done, if asked, but it would not be very confortable.

Of course if this emerge as a serious problem we will try to offer a solution.
Not a priority right now.

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Sorry, I was not suggesting keyboard only.
I was suggesting that most functions have a key mapped, unless it didn’t make sense (such as selecting a person). This reduces the use of the wrist, if desired.

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You have 400 citizens on screen, so… how do you select that one without moving a pointer?

Unfortunately, this disease does not improve by itself, only worse. You should go to the doctor. In general, a small surgery will help you and you will be without any discomfort.
If you wait too long, however, it can lead to permanent damage. Women are concerned with this condition 3 times more often than men (because you are so filigree)


I’m confused. I was agreeing with you. :confused:
As I said, it doesn’t make sense to use keyboard if you are selecting a person.

unless it didn’t make sense (such as selecting a person)

Anyhow, it sounds like you have key functions for many common things, which is what I hopped for.

Sorry, I read your comment in the wrong way.
There are keyboard support for some stuff, even the camera can be moved only with keyboard, but mouse will be mandatory for many things.

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100% perfect!!! \o/

My wrist thanks you!

I would have agreed totally until about 16 years ago when I turned 50 then I discovered this web site I normally do this stretching exercise first thing in the morning and or while watching TV. Maybe two weeks after my last flair up have not had any further problem with Carpal Tunnel related to mouse or gaming. All 4 of my younger staff who have had CPS also are CPS free without surgery just by using this.

And yes there are times I forget/lazy and stop doing them and start to feel the tightness/soreness one day off computer and half a dozen sets of 10 reps and I can do a marathon gamming session multiple day in a row with no CPS. At my age marathon is maybe 8 hr with a rep or two in between.