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Job assignment - Seasonal jobs?

As we all know, city building games like these tend to come with a large amount of micromanagement. Some understandable, some a cumbersome hassle as you’re merely following seasonal cycles. And with that, I mean the assignment of jobs that can only be performed during summer time ingame.

How will Ancient Cities deal with this? Will there be season dependent jobs for the characters to be assigned? And if yes, will it be possible to assign jobs per season instead of having to keep swapping between e.g. farms and resource gathering till the end of days?


Great topic @Amygdala,

As you can see in for example feudal life forest village, people will just do nothing at their designated jobs during winter. Maybe an idea can be that the people will become laborers when there is no current job at hand for them at for example their designated farm.


Good question.

In Banished, when their seasonal work period s over, they all turn to laborers, gathering resources, moving it to appropriate storage or helping builders

In AC you don’t assign jobs at all, but some key important ones.
The player create tasks or task areas, and citizens decide witch one suits better for them.
We try to keep micromanagement under control in every moment.


Alright, thanks for clarifying @Uncasual :).

Excellent idea.
That’s one thing I find very unnatural in many games when I have to tell individual ppls what they have to do.

It would be much more fun if the ppls chose their own jobs based on their personal interest / need of the tribe / seson and the available Buildings.

Designating specific areas for specific jobs (say allowing woodcutters to harvest trees from a specific area) and building the required Buildings should be enough.


I like this notion.
This might allow for NPC’s to best adapt themselves to village. \o/