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Inspiration from Assasins Creed Origins?

Simple, visuals and details of this game are impresive, but might be unrealiatic in some aspects, but still I think very inspirational. If we get expansion of course. :slight_smile:

Hi @Max
the header “Inspiration from Assassins Creed Origins” what exactly do you mean by this?
Do you think our friends from Ubisoft have done a great job picturing the ptolemaic empire in the game?
I know Maxime Durand is responsible for the Historical part and he did a good job taming all the crazy creative ideas of game devs, but I wouldnt say that the game should be that inspiring in terms of historical realism especially when I see weapons and armour used :wink:

My favourite would be Kingdomcomedeliverance from Czech Studio Warhorsestudios.


I meant things like maybe architecture, visuals mostly. And Kingdomcome… really looks amazing, im looking forward to play it too :slight_smile:

Keep this civilized pls

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