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Ice Age expansion

Kickstarter — Ancient Cities: Ice Age Expansion

“You can start your game even before the first settlements, in late Ice Age Europe. Command your nomadic tribe, hunt the last mammoths, fight against predators, and survive the extreme weather.”

Let’s hear what ideas the community has for the first expansion!

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Don’t hunt the mamathoooooooos!!! Can we try to like, idk, domesticate the big guys?

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Hard mode. For sure. Cold Climate, limited ability to store food, smaller groups of foragers, less deadly/efficent equipment (due to the less advanced state of flintknapping technology)? But with Ice Age Fauna.

edit Out of interest, is the idea behind the expansion to create a sort of “stand alone hard mode” feature where you just try to keep your tribe alive, or is the idea for us to start a new game in the Paleolithic and carry it forwards through the rest of the game seamlessly?


I understand it’s an early start (and hard, that’s for sure) that you can then take forward to the Paleolithic; I would really like that.

same, though I think that play through might last a very long time indeed.

I want to even take it further to the Bronze Age eventually :wink:

if they can make it happen, I will squeal like a little school girl.

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I’m hoping for a scenario where we can retrace the Siberian migration across the land bridge into the Americas. I think including some historical objectives would add some interesting variation to the otherwise open-ended gameplay of Ancient Cities. As an example, we could be challenged with a “timed mission” to survive the crossing without getting trapped by glaciers or the sea.

@nuLoon “Timed mission” look a bit too gamy don’t you think ?:wink: Is not make you feel like a ice age tribe, moreover, the process took thousands of years so they had the time to relax :cocktail:

As reference I can quote my own comment about game design : How will aging of people work?

If your tribe isn’t wiped out by then, harsh times those ice age and neolithic times ;).

I think my impetus for suggesting the urgency/agency of “missions” came from this article… and then my imagination ran with it! :sweat_smile: A player may role-play and reconstruct a famous city of antiquity, or they may settle elsewhere and grow a civilization that is ahistorical. To me though, nudging the player towards historical accomplishments (since most players won’t be as scholarly as the brilliant minds on this forum) is beneficial overall and it sounds like you agree with that end. I’m curious to see how the devs encourage historical “objectives”.


I asked a similar question to this in a separate forum. However, I hesitate to say missions. I would like a system of scenarios where there are preset parameters and pre-made cities and you must complete an objective in order to win. I used the example of the Gutian invasion of the Akkadian Empire as a backdrop for a fight off the invader’s scenario… I think the devs should let us at the very least be able to make mods with this capability.

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