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How will soldiers work

so i was just wondering if the soldiers are going to work like in age of empires were they can only fight or if they will need to be made from civilian to soldier.
also, will they act as civilians in the sense that they will dress and be able to work like any other civilian untill they go on a campaing or something like that.
and, will only men be able to fight.

In AC: Atlantic Neolithic, warriors will be members of your tribe that take up arms to raid an enemy or defend their settlement, and you will not be able to control them directly: AC is a city builder, not an RTS.

This choice was made for both (historical) realism and gameplay reasons.
Warriors are real people and do not appear out of nowhere; plus, AC wants you to care about the members of your tribe. That is why soldiers and citizens have to be the same people. Also, it is unlikely there was a “caste” of warriors in the european neolithic (we may see this in the Bronze Age though!).

I cannot remember precisely the discussion about women warriors we had, but I think I recall that any strong enough person (so potentially women!) could engage in combat.

If you want to learn more and have some spare time, take a look at the Combat/Defense topic.


I concur with @Gal2 answer, he definitively should be the PR guy for the game :slightly_smiling_face:

Now, if @martin8 (or any other backers/players) are essentially interested in the military side of things without being history nerds, all of this may seem dull or boring. But in my opinion that’s real not, as this means each raid you wage against opponents oblige you to decide how many people you leave in your village (to defend it in case of need), how many go in hunting/raiding parties, etc.

I’m not sure if such features may be implemented before release, but it’d be real nice to have the possibility to decide for instance how they should act during raiding parties: should the raiding party come back as soon as one enemy is injuried/killed (as this was probably the case in real life, in most occurrence such situations occured)? Should they stay longer and raze the entire enemy village? (as this happened also).
Such choices would mean you could have the final word in your feud, earn prestige and loot a few valuable things in the process (yay! 3 more jadeite axes that are totally not useful but so beautiful) – but you’d not have those people working and defending you own settlement in the meantime.

So, in this way, historical realism would allow real strategic choices, making the military thing very fun.


Though likely uncommon, it seems likely, especially in impromptu defense