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Heroic age fantasy

An idea for DLC, or failing that a mod (though I utterly lack the skills to work this).

While a historical sim is great, and it caught my attention to back, my first love in gaming is fantasy. In this case I am not after orcs and elves but mythical age elements, active roles of pantheons, champions of the gods, monsters etc.

I would love to spice up my city manager by having to curry favour with active deities, recruit mythic heroes to fight other foreign heroes and monsters etc.


According to my memory the devs said that they won’t do any fantasy dlc. They want to stay historical. It a matter of taste, personally I am not a fan of fantasy (there is already some fantasy cities builders on the track like Northggard or Ymir) and I am glad the devs want to be fully historical.

However I understand that people want fantasy and once modding will be available I think there will be fantasy mod.


Yes, let the modder do. Fantasy is still available in bulk. Precisely because the realism has come too short in the last 15 years, this project has such an appeal.

…only the new Projekts…

Fantasy is often used as an excuse for shoddy design, because its fantasy you can be lazy with regards to balance and realism. However fantasy need not be like that, better fantasy games and IP have a grounding in realism if not reality. Mount & Blade is one such title.

The fantasy I am looking for here is heroic age, which to the peoples of the time is just another form of reality. basing fantasy on epics of Gilgamesh, Homer etc would not be unauthentic and yet can exist in separation to the main title. Champion’s with gold hair bands and a spear four cubits long over fireballs and thieves tools.

We can resort to mods for this, but actually think it would be a very good money spinner for the devs if handled in house after completion.

It could be but it really depend on the devs passion. If you are not a fan of fantasy and develop a fantasy dlc just to please your fan (and for money) there is a risk to produce a half-baked expansion that will satisfy nobody and hurt the game.

I would rather have dlc that focus on historical Bronze age and Iron Age in different area. There is no game that currently covert these.


I see what you are saying, but bear in mind I am recommending heroic age fantasy.

While not reality it IS both authentic and accurate, if handled well, so long as it replicates the beliefs of the time. In fact it could be of higher authenticity. In mundane historical sims religion is just an ethnic or social factor. To people of the time to defy the gods has consequences. Our game works on accelerated time and thus the myths should prove true, sacrifice horses, get earthquakes; rather than a mundane sacrifice horses people believe you get earthquakes but nothing happens, but might happen next year…

If I had to call a game, which is not “fantasy” at all, I would spontaneously call Mount & Blade. :grin: Mods on this - another topic, right.:wink:

What do we actually know about this period? And, what do we believe to know …? Records of these “semi-divine” facts date from the Bronze Age. But this has less to do with the Neolithic or settling. The “divine” was used to convince the growing and mostly ethnically different “underpinnings” of often necessary arbitrariness in the maintenance and exercise of power. Religion thus served less to the hero of the egg than to convince the people of the correctness of unpopular decisions. And, of course, to delineate the national classes.

Of course, I find the legend of Troja also great, would like to play. But with a urban development simulation with a beginning in the Neolithic, this becomes difficult…:wink:

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There is some discussion on that in the religion topic (Religion).
The devs want to give “normal” power to religion : morale boost, ease social tension etc. No extra natural action like increase fertility or less harsh climate. So religion will only have effect on people psyche (like IRL).

From what I understand you want something like the Epic of Gilgamesh ( or egypian mythology happen in the game. It could be interesting but it is more for a later period : if I am not mistaken the oldest myths and tale we know start with the Bronze Age. Before it will be pure speculation (also possible)

I asked to the devs what was their far goals : How far will the timeline go and at the moment they want to follow the timeline (and stay historical)

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