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Hello I just backed the game

Hi, I hear that a closed test is coming so I took the 60 euros edition. Couln’t resist. :slight_smile:

Whatever, good to be here.


So glad they let people back the game even though the fundraiser campaigns are techincally closed.

I wouldn’t have been able to back the game otherwise as my parents didn’t allow me to when the Kickstarter ended and I only turned 18 some time after it ended.


Well for me it wasn’t about money or parent. I am 25 so np :p. But I was not sure about the quality of the game, I’m still not. But this game seem to be interesting, just want to test the beta. And if the game is bad, well… at least I would have my name in credits for a game. ^^

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Looks amazing to me. As promising as Ostriv, perhaps more so. I don’t regret getting in on the first tests and the following tests with Ostriv and I’m sure I wont regret getting involved with AC either. I just wish I had the money to actually back it back when the kickstarter was up. I only just did recently as well after coming here to check on the games progress. Not going to lie the coming test definitely spurred me on.

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