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Hair Styles

At some point the devs will start making clothing, jewelry, decorations and other aesthetic things. One important component will be hairstyles. Hairstyles are often cultural and distinctive, and when you have a very limited selection for aesthetics and individuality, hairstyle becomes more important. It can denote status or skill, as well as marriageability or even denote grieving. As an example, girls of the Himba tribe in Africa have one distinct hairstyle while married women have another.

The only hairstyle examples I have seen from the Neolithic are depicted in figurines and artwork. Any links that people can post to actual art depicting any sort of hairstyle, from the Neolithic, would be useful. I can then recreate these with my mannequins and wigs, photograph them, and then post them. Not only will this help the Developers, but it will be fun. I appreciate any resources anyone has, and I will post the ones that I have tonight.


Was facial hair also important in the neolithic?

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There is very little know about hair style in Neolithic, with only a few samples conserved which hardly can be representative of a few thousand of years.
So defining hair styles, almost any style actually but pottery, is all about guessing and speculation.
But this is what we have to work with for Neolithic, so plausible speculations are welcome and we love them!

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I am making life sized Neolithic models and they will be fully decordated and have tools. I’ll have to do some guess work, but I will post photos when they are finished.

I just ordered another mannaquin and a new wig lol

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No idea, but I would suspect it was.

Yes, I need to work on getting better at this. Some of these wigs are quite difficult to work with LOL this is my disclaimer

I will post the reference images I have found either tomorrow or the next day, but tonight I sat down and made if you simple clay adornments for hair. These are experimental and are not necessarily based on anything I have found, though perhaps they might be of interest.

These clay hair pieces hold the hair aside making it easier to work. If you have long hair, you’ll understand how this works and why it’s useful. I might use them myself LOL they are held up with sinew and a feather is stuck in each for decoration

Here is one of them up close. The clay that I used has a bland color that’s very light, so I decorated the clay using ochre. This gives it a beautiful red color.

I need a pair of hair pins from clay, though I have not use them in a hairstyle yet. I will make some from wood or bone also as these would probably be more common materials for such items.

They’re technically not related to hair, I also made a pair of anklets which I thought I would toss in here for fun. Anklets, bracelets and bangles have been found in various sites and clay was often a medium.

I will keep working on hairstyles. The second mannequin and wig arrived on Friday, so perhaps I can do something this weekend.

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