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Graphics card support

You mentioned Nvidia 1050 GPU - my graphics card is a GEForce GTX 950M, does that mean it’s not going to be good enough?
(my laptop is a few years old, but I bought it specifically for gaming, and can’t really afford to upgrade)

Currently with our 1050 we are not getting a smooth experience in native 4K resolution, in full graphics.
We still don’t know low specs but there is a wide range bellow that for lower screen resolutions and tuned down graphics.

If you enter in your backer section in the website ( top right corner once logged ) you can find a small hardware survey we recently added to better know the average, min and max specs of backers, to better tune the games’s graphics configuration.

TBH 4K resolution - extreme hd graphics etc. are nice to have but I’m more excited about a great platform that has the vision aspects you have laid out on the website homepage. Keep up the good work (and maybe start a new funding campaign for a 1080 ti or the new 2080)

We are taking our time to build the platform we dream of :wink:

But each time we need to buy new hardware we try to choose it in a way that also allows us to test hardware configurations we didn’t previously had at hand.
Because we needed a new monitor we decided to choose a 4K to allow testing the game and UI behaviour with that resolution. We previously only had full HD hardware and it has already prove useful as we detected UI problems we didn’t notice in normal resolutions.


Of course that makes sense! I’d imagine the UI got quite disproportionate if it was unable to scale. Looking forward to seeing the updates! Keep up the good work :+1:


is it planned/have you thought on implementing ray tracing into the game?

No ray AC render engine -only SSR-.
Real time ray trace Its a promising technology we follow very close because we love this kind of stuff, but its not mature, still very slow, common user GPUs are not prepared for it and of very little use in a game like AC as it shines in situations where scenery have lots of back reflections. City builders -in particular ancient city builders- are usually not in that situation.


okay, I agree that most players would not notice this setting but not closing the door seems promising :wink: