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Somehow the game has to start, load data, a header. Are there already plans?
Had an idea just before …
Camera movement over a modern city. A busy shopping street, there a construction site. For a new large department store, a pit is dredged, you will find a skull and bones. Archaeologists uncover the bones with paintbrushes, and as the environment fades, the skeleton returns to one of our NPCs that is being buried. On an empty meadow are a few huts and the beginnings of a ringwall made of palisades.
And, let’s go …

Some time ago I saw an animation
please pay attention 14:37 to 14:56 (although a knight, but it helps to understand)

Generally camera shots are always well received. For AC, there is already quite useful material on which you could - for a trailer, for example - oriented.
Have a few examples attached, Demo Reel 2012 contains e.g. appropriate passages…


Nice idea, but it gives flesh to the idea that the game will be continued to the modern age in this or DLC.

You could instead start with an archelogical dig site besides a modern road and then see time regress, a modern road disappear, the land sink as later sediment is eroded to reveal the whole original lay of the land and have the game era buildings appear. This has the modern connexion but doesn’t false advertise the length of the game period.

That’s exactly what the idea was - maybe translated poorly by google