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Gameplay mechanics

Hi all!
I was casually thinking about Ancient Cities :yum: when the topic of gameplay mechanics based on real life came through my mind. I thought about mechanics like:

  • Needing n strong people at the same time to erect the posts to build a house
  • Observing and studying the sky during x years in the same location to build monuments based on sunlight/stars
  • Having the knowledge to craft a polished hoe to farm
  • Having y inhabitants in your village to unlock certain buildings (a classic amongst classics in city builders :stuck_out_tongue:)
  • etc!

I was wondering if you were already decided on game mechanics or if you were looking for new ideas and open to propositions.


I think that the idea of having a planning and observation moment prior to building is very interesting! After all all the great monuments were thoroughly thought of before being constructed.
So maybe having some kind of project director/architect work on the planning could then reduce the actual building time/material costs.


We have our ideas, and we are, of course, open to new ones and propositions.
That’s one of the main reason for this forum :wink:


It’s probably going to be “”: think, try, take over or reject, think again. It is a very challenging setting from today’s perspective. It wants to be coherent, but should also be fun at play and exciting. I am very excited about the development :wink:

I’ve been playing Grand Ages: Rome (Imperium Civitas III in spanish), and wanted to share something I’ve noticed and appreciated in this game. There is a system that compels the player to build sensible and historically accurate cities, rewarding the player with popularity (a percentage which you can spend to activate certain measures and that you can lose by taking unpopular decisions).
For example, it rewards the player for placing a bakery near a road, for the commercial value:

More subtle: the game rewards the player if he builds insulae (houses) next to each other:

This pushes the player to emulate the layout roman settlers used on their colonies: a regular grid pattern:

AC is already on track on the matter of teaching with the gameplay, I just wanted to share these pictures because I think they are a good gameplay element.

Dear Uncasual Games

IT’s me, I was thinking about this for some time.

May it be possible to build war cottages and schools for the building of armies?

May it also be possible for traits to be learned by each member of a war party or a hunting party?

And may the NPC’s learn from their successes and failures?

Your contributor Eric Johnson.

Dear Uncasual Games

IS it also possible to have naval combat implemented into the game?

And if factual, how would it be implemented?

No armies in Neolithic era, only raids. Soldier was not a profession by them, just a task to be done when needed. So no school army for the release :wink:

Yes, traits are an integral part of the character system in AC.

Also via traits.

Not for Neolithic period.