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Game Crashes

Hi guys.
Does anyone else the problem of the game crashing while loading?
I wanted to try out the game after the new updates/features.
But I get a message that says ‘layer base has been discarded’.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you!

First news about this kind of error…
Please delete the ‘Uncasual Games’ folder inside your Documents folder and try again…

Hi. I tried, it didn’t work. I still can’t load anything and it still gives me the error message.

Do you be able to run the game before ?
What are your hardware specs (GPU and memory size) ?
Would you send us a report using CTRL+R inside the game before the game crashes ?
Try to delete the game from Steam and Install again, or verify the game files with the steam option.
If you have a Log.txt file inside the Documents\Uncasual Games\Ancient Cities\ folder send us as a private message.

Ok. I uninstalled and re-installed. I got it working. I can send the report over also.

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